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Eating for Energy and Drinking for Hydration.

Have you ever been about to shoot the best round of your life and then blown it with double bogeys on the last three holes?  Most people have been in that situation because they simply forget to eat and drink.  Very few players can go an entire 18 holes without eating or drinking.  A lot of energy is burned while golfing and it is necessary to keep giving your body fuel if you wish to play your best.  If you don’t sustain your body with food and drink, you are liable to make errors on the last couple of holes of any round. 

Of course there are good options and bad options for what to eat and drink on the course. 
Below are different articles and tips for good nutrition while on the golf course.  Most of the tips are from me, however if you have a tip or information you think will help our readers, please drop me an e-mail

Check back often, as we update and add tips frequently.  Have a great day on the links!!

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