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Help your golf game with training aids.

After over 20 years of teaching, I have had the luxury of using many teaching aids and talked with professionals and students that have used different training aids.  This section will have drills using teaching aids, articles of people using the different aids, aids I like to use, and finding or making your own golf aids.  Golf aids are a great way to get students to feel what I’m trying explain to them.  Many aids will correct problems.  Don't misuse the training though as you might over correct or create a different problem.  Still having problems with your swing even with the help of training aids? An Internet Video Lesson might help. Most of the tips are from me however, if you have a tip or information on training aids you think may help our readers, please send me an e-mail to

Check back often, as we update and add tips frequently.  Have a great day on the links!!.

Golf Tips
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