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Are you sore or tired?

I’ve watched my college players condition with trainers and have even worked with a trainer myself.  Of course I’m not getting any younger and want to keep the distance I seem to lose because of age.  Conditioning makes a difference if you need distance, want to play more, or not be sore after you play.  Tiger Woods got many amateur golfers looking at the benefits of conditioning, even for the weekend golfer.  Golfers at the high school level are now working out - in my day we didn’t even think about it!  Most of the tips are from me and other professionals in the field, however if you have a tip or information you think will help our readers, please drop me an e-mail at

Remember, as with any exercise program, you should consult your physician before implementing the conditioning tips listed below. 
Check back often, as we update and add tips frequently.  Have a great day on the links!!

Conditioning Tips
 Stretching is the Key to Staying Injury Free           Hip Drops

      Open Books Arm Bent                                         Press Ups
      Cats and Dogs                                                      Calf Stretch - Half Kneeling
      Butterfly Wings                                                     3 Position Bridging
      Reach Roll Lift Up                                                Side Step Ups
      Skaters                                                                 Squat To Press - Dumbbell
      Stork Turns Supported