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Hit It Long and Straight.

Approximately 34% of the golf game is the full swing and trouble shots.  Many golfers try to hit the golf shot straight.  The problem is that this leaves a bigger variance of hitting the ball left or right.  Instead of tying to hit the ball straight, golfers would benefit from having a pattern they could count on – ether hitting a draw or fade.  When you have a pattern, basically one half of the course is eliminated.  Below are different articles and tips to learn how to hit it longer, find your pattern and fix your full swing.  Most of the tips are from me, however if you have a tip or information on the full swing you think may help our readers, please send me an e-mail at 

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Check back often, as we update and add tips frequently.  Have a great day on the links!!

Golf Tips
     The Golf Swing is Easy                            Fix Your Slice with a Flat Wrist                  
     Keep Your Head Down                          Check the Set Up                                       
     Aim the Club First                                   Intermediate Target for Straight Shots    
     Work on the Finish                                  Grip It Light
     Check the Grip                                        Make The Unnatural Natural