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      K-VEST Training
A Complete Game Improvement System

 The K-Vest system uses 3 wireless sensors to capture your golf swing.  The sensors incorporate biofeedback so that the K-Vest system can help diagnosis any issues you may have with accuracy, consistency, and distance.  With this system, our PGA instructor, Brad Smith, can specifically design improvement programs that will get your body to its maximum potential.  Brad is the only PGA instructor in the Dayton area with this certification and advanced technology.

K-Vest measures your golf swing efficiency with these 3 parts of your swing:

kvest 3 pics


Here's how the K-Vest works.  During the initial swing capture you will wear the K-Vest, line up to a ball and swing normally.  The K-Vest computer program will capture your swing motion.  Brad will show you how to swing more efficiently with the help of the data provided.  Once your efficient golf swing is determined the K-Vest will allow you to train your swing over and over again.  When you get into the correct position, music will sound and the computer animation turns green. If you move out of your correct position the music stops and the computer animation turns red.  This instant feedback on your efficient golf swing will help you become a better golfer.


Develop an efficient, repeatable golf swing to lower your golf scores quickly.  Get the most out of your golf lesson today, schedule a personalized K-Vest training lesson with Brad today!